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Wild Irish Seaweed

Detox Blend


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Detox Blend is an exclusive blend of only the purest Red, Brown and Green Seaweeds. Harvested by hand by 5th generation seaweed harvesters from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of County Clare in Ireland. Add 1 teaspoon of the seaweed powder daily to smoothies, shakes or sprinkle into food.

Detoxification is a ‘first aid to the body’ to relieve it from the burden of waste and toxic substances so that its regulatory self-healing and defence mechanisms can function again.

Seaweeds are classified in groups according to their pigmentation and each group supports different aspects of the detoxification process:
1. REDS: high in prebiotic fibers and have anti-inflammatory properties.
2. BROWNS: high in iodine (foster healthy metabolism) & unique detoxifying compounds
3. GREENS: high in chlorophyll & high quality fibers.

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